I can use a memoir checklist to guide my writing.
I can create external and internal quest graphs to help my comprehension of the story.
Reading and taking notes 20 min

I can look at narrative and essay structure and use it to create a new memoir.
I can apply life lessons learned in fantasy to own life.
Reading and taking notes 20 min

I can create a memoir.
I can consider dragons and develop themes.
Spelling Test June 1
dishonest, illegal, irresponsible, misunderstood, performance, rearrange, replacement

Final touches on Opinion Papers
Due on 5/11/18
Unit 4-Fantasy pretest
Spelling Test May 18

Conferencing on Personal Topics for Opinion writing
Unit 4-Fantasy
Spelling Test May 18
continuous, conversation, forgotten, nonliving, swimming, unpleasant, valuable

4-23-18 to 4-27-18
Personal Topic for opinion writing
Unit 3 reading assessment-argument and advocacy: researching debatable issues-nonfiction
Spelling Test: May 4
happiness, prettier, classify, beautiful, communities, electricity, community

4-16-18 to 4-19-18
Chocolate Milk Debate preparation-debate set for 4-20-18 in pm
Spelling Test April 20
Memory Book due 4-22-18

Draft needs to be almost complete.
I can participate in my first writers circle.
Compass Learning or finish typing final draft

I can finish my draft, revise and edit, and type it for writing circles tomorrow.
I can find word patterns in my spelling words.
Book Club Reading or finish draft from writing.

continued drafting of persuasive essay
I can research my deeper questions and collaborate with my topic team for a meaningful discussion.
Compass Learning
Spelling Test: April 20
Patiently, transportation, unfinished, expensive, governor, impression, independence, submarine

I can redraft my letter and convert it to a persuasive essay.
I can create deeper questions for research using my experience from the debate.
Book Club Reading

I can test my argument and redraft to persuade my specific audience.
I can debate my topic.
Spelling Test: March 29
Reading NWEA tomorrow

I can debate my topic.
Spelling Test: March 29

I can add a counterclaim to my 2nd draft persuasive essay.
Spelling Test: March 29
richest, impossible, encouragement, hopeless, discovery, musician, unfriendly, composer

I can layer my evidence and analyze it in my writing to help create a stronger argument.
I can read and take notes on both sides of an issue.
20 min reading.

I can use quotes to help add evidence to my persuasive writing.
I can pretest Unit 3 writing about my reading.
20 min reading

I can flash draft a persuasive letter.
I can collaborate on my book club presentation.
Book Club #3 due on Friday.
Family Precept homework was due today. Please send in if you have not already.

I can research both sides of an argument and suspend judgement.
Finish post test.
Research the pro's and con's of chocolate milk for tomorrow's flash draft.
Family Precept homework due tomorrow.
Both of these items can be found on the google classroom.

I can brainstorm issues that are relevant to my life and write elaborately about them.
I can write about my nonfiction reading in a Unit #2 post test.
Book Club #3 due on Friday.

I can finish my pretest.
I can go over my writing for reading tests to prepare for my test.

I can finish posters and present them to the class.
I can pretest my writing about reading.

I can create posters that focus on Story Elements, Point of View, Author's Craft, Theme, Text Structure, and Summarizing to support my writing for reading.
Valentine's Party

I can gather info on a focused topic to write about for my on demand.
I can make a poster to help reinforce one of the following: Theme, Summary, Author's Craft and Purpose, Story Elements, Perspective, and Text Structure.
Notes for Informational On-Demand Assessment.
No pre-drafting allowed.

I can turn in my final draft of my research paper.
I can find themes and use evidence to support my ideas.
Research paper turned in/finished, if already finished Book Club goal or 20 min of reading.

I can use a checklist to edit my final draft.
I can list author's craft techniques and purpose.
Compass Learning

I can revise my conclusion to summarize and entertain a deeper thought, ask a follow up question, or quote to make readers continue to think beyond my paper.
I can summarize using 5 or less sentences, highlighting key/main details, and no opinion.
Book Club Goals

I can revise my introduction using a unique fact, question, direct quote, or contrasting then or now.
I can question my texts used for my research and rate my depth of knowledge for the goal of extended thinking.
Compass Learning

I can use text features to support my research paper.
I can analyze my reading progression chart to help support my writing about my reading.
Book Club Goals

I can use transitions in my subtopic paragraphs.
I can read, summarize, and analyze an article.
Book Club Goals

I can continue to redraft.
I can look at reading research as an expert.
Compass Learning

I can create patterns and structure to my paragraphs.
I can make a research plan for my reading.
Book Club Goals

My brain is pattern seeking and I can create matches or patterns in my subtopics to help with cohesion in my redrafting.
Compass Learning

I can redraft using "powerful" writing strategies.
Book Club Goals

I can draft my research paper #2.
I can annotate notes and use my tools to read a high level text with good comprehension.
Compass Learning

I can use point of view to help research deeper into my topic.
I can make a comprehension tool to help assist me in my nonfiction reading.
Book Club Goal

I can outline my plan for my 1st draft.
Farm Fieldtrip
Compass Learning

I can organize my notes to draft my topic tomorrow.
I can identify hybrid text structure in my mentor text.
I can reflect on good manners.
Book Club Goal

I can create a main idea and find supporting facts for my writing topic.
I can create a book club that works for my learning style, pick a book of interest, and set goals.
Book Club Goal

I can organize my research for my 2nd paper.
I can identify main ideas and supporting text.
Compass Learning

Author Alison DeCamp Presentation
I can compare and contrast three different research articles written on the same topic-Detriot Meteorite.
I can begin to identify complex/hybrid text structures.
Read 20 min.

Writing Celebration-Reflection and Goal Setting
Topic Research for 2nd paper
Book Club Presentation Conferences
Compass Learning

**5+ Math-Packet's due next Tuesday

Final Draft turned in via Google Classroom and printed out.
Poster Presentations
Compass Learning

Typed Draft with cited sources due-be ready to peer edit and revise tomorrow
Poster's due on Friday-be ready to present on Monday

Research Rough Draft due-be ready to type tomorrow and have resources ready to cite
Poster's are due on Friday.

I can analyze a student's writing using the checklist to help support my own writing.
I can continue to strategize how to figure out unknown words and confusing ideas.
Compass Learning
Nutrition Quiz:

I can identify the structure of a mentor text and chose a focus question to guide my central idea.
I can have different strategies to figure out the meaning of unknown words.
Book Club Goal
Draft Outline

I can redraft my Revolutionary War Paper with focus using my new research.
I can take notes from a video looking for main ideas and supporting details.
Book Club Goal

I can focus in on a topic that I can develop to redraft.
I can find the central idea, main ideas, connect them in our mentor text.
Compass Learning-if not done on Thursday
Be ready to redraft on Monday.

I can make a timeline to organzie my events and support my role as a historian in my writing.
I can determine a central idea and main ideas (which are implicit) in nonfiction text.
Book Club Goal

I can use a dictionary as a resource for my writing and reading.
I can log into compass learning.
20-30 min of Compass Learning-Pathblazers Reading.

I can research and using thinking prompts to revise my writing.
I can orient myself to a new nonfiction book and prepare myself for what type of note-taking I will need to take.
Book Club Goal

I can look up words to support my understanding and create a word bank.
I can identify word structure while reading a nonfiction mentor text.
Book Club Goal

I can revises using the lens of an historian.
I can use maps to think of new geographical revisions.
I can review informational text structure to help support my reading.
20 min of reading

I can cut apart my flashdraft to help support revision work.
I can continue collecting information, growing ideas, looking for patterns, and asking ?'s.
I can use box and bullets for note-taking
20 min of reading

I can flashdraft a paper about the Revolutionary War in 45 minutes using research.
20 min of Reading

I can organize my information to help me write about my topic.
I can take notes and cite my sources from my reading.
Research and take notes (cite sources) on the Revolutionary War to prepare for a flash draft tomorrow.

I can take a writing for reading test.
Book Club Goal

I can write a small moment on demand.
I can finish my silhoutte project.
Book Club Goal
Be prepared to take a Reading Test.

I can use punctuation consistently and correctly in my writing.
I can analyze author's craft and create themes in my own book club.
Book Club Goal
Seed idea for small moment on-demand

I can use I or me correctly in my writing.
I can consider the choices authors could have made and the ones they did make.
Book Club Goal

I can revisit small moments and write with purpose and heart.
I can compare different characters and connect them to a common theme.
I can revise my theme statement to include all perspectives.
Book Club Goal

I can reass my reading and writing goals and write a letter reflecting on myself, setting new goals, and creating a plan of action to achieve them.
I can organize my portfolio and set new reading club goals.
Book Club Goal
Turn in permission slip.
Finish Reflection letter.

I can make a word cloud.
I can finish my narrative 2 final draft.
I can compare and contrast two books using the same theme.
Book Club Goal
Narrative Final Draft
Turn in permission slip.

I can begin final draft for my 2nd narrative.
I can start a new book in book club.
Book Club Goal.
Narrative Final Draft

I can use commas in my small moment correctly.
I can present my group book club poster.
Read 20 min.

I can use quotations correctly in my small moment.
I can elevate my thinking in my book club group.
Reading 20 min.
Gather all home reading logs, put name on them, and turn in tomorrow.

I can revise and focus on a true small moment.
I can debate a topic in our reading class using research.
Read 20 min.

I can make an example of a simile and a metaphor.
I can use a metaphorical image in my revised story.
I can work on my reading poster.
Read 20 min.

I can identify metaphorical Images in my reading.
I can know the difference between a simile and a metaphor.
I can create an example of a metaphorical image.
I can work on my reading poster.
Reading 20 min.
Social Studies Test Nov. 6

I can write the exact sequence of actions to produce emotion.
I can work together with my book club group to produce a poster on theme.
Social Test-Nov. 6

I can discuss the author's purpose by reading a small moment.
I can create tension by stretching out the climax of a story.
I can gather evidence to support my ideas in reading.
No latin roots this week as there will be a quiz in the near future.
Book Club Goals-Book should almost be finished.

I can describe the difference between a narrative and a small moment.
I can stretch the tension out to build a powerful small moment.
I can set goals and think about things that will link with other themes in my book club group.
Book Club Goals
Latin Roots #4 due today.

I can choose seed ideas that have heart.
I can begin working on homophoness and how to choose my words precisely.
I can set goals and think about things that will link with other themes in my book club group.
Book Club Goals
Latin Roots #4 due Oct. 25

I can try new things and work hard on my writing goals using mentor text.
I can write down possible themes and start collecting evidence with my book club groups.
Book Club Book Goals
Latin Roots #4 due Oct. 25

I can final draft my narrative story and submit it in google classroom
I can set goals and have a meaningful book club discussion.
Spelling Test-Oct. 20
Narrative Final due Oct. 19
Book Club goal

I can use all my tools in my tool box to put the final touches to revise and edit my narrative.
I can study the main character and think about ideas to help guide possible themes.
Spelling Test-Oct. 20
Narrative Draft due Oct. 19
Book Club goal

I can revise my ending to resolve a problem, learn a lesson, or end it in a way that brings out a bigger meaning form the story.
I can read alertly and see details as meaningful.
Spelling Test- Oct. 20
Latin Roots #3-due Oct. 18
Book Club goal

I can add flash forwards or flashbacks to bring out the internal story to add power to my narrative.
I can organize my book club group and set goals.
Spelling Test- Oct. 20
Latin Roots #3-due Oct. 18
Book Club goal

I can work with my kindergarten buddy and write a Halloween story.
I can pick a book, make a goal, and work with my book club group.
Spelling Test Oct. 20
Latin Roots #3- due Oct. 18
Book Club Goal

I can edit my story with a focus on paragraphing.
I can improve my writing for reading by revising my work and using examples to help me.
Spelling test tomorrow
Latin Roots #3 due Oct. 18

I can elaborate on important parts.
I can improve my writing for reading by revising my work and using examples to help me.
Spelling test Oct. 13
Latin Roots due today.

I can continue to redraft powerful narratives.
I can think analytically by dividing the subject into parts, select, rank, and compare to develp ideas for reading.
20 min or reading
Spelling test Oct. 13
Latin Roots Lesson #2 due Oct. 11

I can use an external and internal story arc to ceate a powerful narrative.
I can think analytically about my reading.
20 min or reading
Spelling test Oct. 13
Latin Roots Lesson #2 due Oct. 11

I can finish revising my narrative.
I can figure out what perspective my book was written from and why that is important to the story.
20 min or reading
Spelling test Oct. 13
Latin Roots Lesson #2 due Oct. 11

I can use a story arc to check the structure of my own story.
I can ue my own explaining and thinking words when writing about my reading.
20 min of reading
Oct. 5-Spelling test and Latin Roots

I can try a new way to tell my story and then write it.
I can use higher level thinging prompts to support my main idea in my reading book.
20 min of reading
Oct. 5-Spelling test and Latin Roots

I can redraft a story by focusing on what it is truly about.
I can take notes on a story elements that will help me to understand the central idea.
Oct. 5-Spelling test and Latin Roots
20 min of reading
(holding students accountable at lunch if not signed)

I can prepare my high frequency word list for the test next Thursday.
I can create an encouraging Fun Run Sign for my kindergarten buddy.
I can write or continue my narrative story.
I can finish and present my True Color Poster with my group.
20 min of reading

WTW assessment
True Color Posters
X, L-handwriting
20 min of reading

I can flashdraft a whole narrative story in one sitting.
I can take indepth notes on my reading, by analyzing other students' notes and reflecting on my own work.
D, J-handwriting
20 min of reading

I can agree on classroom norms and work productively with a partner to raise my level of writing.
I can read upcoming text with the ideas I wrote about in mind.
I can notice more elements of the story.
I can push myself to grow new ideas.
Z, Q-handwriting
20 min of reading

I can use a mentor text with a narrative writing checklist to reflect on myself as a writer.
I can assess myself as a writer about reading using my pretest and set goals.
S, I-handwriting
20 min of reading

I can use a narrative writing checklist to help me make a powerful story.
I can write well about my reading: I will read knowing I'll write seeing more.
R, G-handwriting
20 min of reading

I can write stories from inside it.
I can use details that are true to the story.
I can take good notes while reading.
B, P-handwriting
No homework-Happy Rosh Hashanah!

I can write like a storyteller, not a reporter.
I can log and begin documenting my reading habits to help support or guide my reading goals.
T, F-handwriting
No homework-Happy Rosh Hashanah!

I can collaborate on making a Powerful Reading Workshop environment.
I can create a goal/s and an action plan for reading.
W, Y-handwriting
20 min of reading

I can dream the dream of the story and then write in a way that allows readers to experience the moment along with me.
I can reflect on myself as a reader and set ambitious goals.
U, V-handwriting
20 min of reading
Reading Goals

I can use places to help me generate ideas for writing a small moment.
N, M-handwriting
20 min of reading

I can use turning points to help me generate ideas for writing a small moment.
20 min of reading
H, K-handwriting

20 min of reading
E, O-handwriting

finish family poster
20 min of reading

bring book
20 min of reading
spelling test tomorrow

finish letter
think of a small moment
name label
picture of self (4x7 horizontal)
20 min of reading

Finish Survey
bring back picture of self

if possible 20 min of reading

Reading 20 min
bring a book to school
finish reading Id poster
bring photo