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Ms. Issa's Class

Homework and Resources

My Teaching Beliefs

  • I believe that all children have the potential to succeed.

  • I teach by the individual child in order to help expand and broaden different areas of success per each child.

  • I build upon each of their successes in order to discover what is unique about each one of them.

  • I show children that school is exciting and that learning is fun.

"The Race to Education is not who gets there first, but who stays in it the longest."-Bev Boss

Language Arts
In fifth grade we use a workshop model to teach reading and writing.

What is the Workshop Model?

The workshop model is a framework for instruction and learning that consists of an opening meeting, work time, and a closing meeting. In the opening meeting, the teacher focuses on strategies, skills, and routines taught through mini-lessons. During the work time, students work at their level practicing and reinforcing the concepts taught in the mini-lesson. There may be small group and individual activities at this time. During the closing meeting, the class reconvenes and reviews, reflects, and celebrates the learning of the day.

Read Aloud & Shared Reading
  • Teacher Read Aloud
  • Direct Instruction/Mini-lessons
  • High interest authentic literature

Guided Reading/Focus/Strategy Group Instructions
  • Direct instruction in small groups
  • Materials at students’ instructional level

Independent Reading
  • Students apply strategies independently to “just right” (independent reading level) books
  • Students participate in book clubs and/or literature circles
  • Students may self select books based on interest and enjoyment
  • Students use these books to record reading on Home Reading Log
  • Students respond to reading in Reading Response Journal
  • Students build stamina and develop reading fluency

  • Class mini-lesson ncluding modeled instruction by teacher (Writing Aloud) or collaboratively with students (Shared Writing)
  • Time for students to practice new strategy
  • Conferencing with teacher and peers
  • Use of a writer’s notebook
  • Integrated grammar instruction

Working with words
  • Weekly spelling lessons focus on spelling patterns-Words Their Way Program
  • Vocabulary (taken from reading and Classical Roots Program)